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Free face Mask Tutorial

Jessica Arellin

After several request of what mask pattern that I use I decided to put a tutorial together. I made my own pattern based off of the size of a medical mask. These masks do not replace medical masks.

If you are not a sewer we do offer masks in our shop weekly for purchase :)

First, we will cut out all of our pieces you will need:

Main fabric 100% cotton

Liner Fabric x 2 100% cotton


Wire for the nose ( I am using pipe cleaner here)

Once you have everything cut out you're going to take the liner fabric turn 1/4th and then 1/4th again and press. Next, we will sew.

Next, we are going to place our fabric pieces right sides together overlapping the two-liner fabrics. Make sure you match the raw edges.

After you have your fabric pieces right sides together you are going to sew across the top and the bottom. I use my presser foot as a guide for seam allowance.

Next, we are going to put the elastic in. You will open up your fabric and place the elastic in the corner with the rest of the elastic inside of the mask.


Next, close the fabric and sew down the side making sure to catch the elastic. When you get toward the end leave about a finger length open this is where we will put the end of the elastic.

Now you will put the end of the elastic through the hole and sew down. Repeat on the opposite side with elastic.

It should look like this when you are done. Clip your corners and turn right side out.

Now we will put the wire in. Grab your wire and fold the edge over and the over again this way it doesn't poke anyone. Once you have done that we will insert the wire by putting it through the pocket. Push it all the way to the top. Pay attention to the direction of your fabric and make sure your wire is at the top.

Now sew across the top making sure not to sew over your wire.

You're almost done. The last step is making the pleats which is probably the most challenging so I made a video.



Once you have completed the pleats pat yourself on the back... you just made a mask :)