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Newborn photography 101 posing Video instant download

Little Dreamer Props

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Newborn photography 101 posing  Video instant download


Have you been struggling with posing newborns, want to brush up on your skills or want to learn a faster workflow? Then these videos are for you!! These videos will teach you how to flow pose. Easily go from one pose to another using little Dreamer Props Posers.

Poses included: 
*Huck Finn (back pose) 
*Bum up 
*Chin on hands 
*Side laying 
*Potato sack

Processing videos: 
*How to edit a Potato sack composite in PS 
*How to edit a Froggy composite in PS

Bonus Videos: 
*5 different side laying poses 
*Bucket pose 
*Crate pose 
*3 Different Wrapping techniques

After you purchase you will receive a email with download link.  If you do not receive a email please email me at

Posers used in the video include: Large Poser, Body poser, Moon and Halo.

This is a digital download. Due to the large file size you will be provided with a link to watch them via internet. There are 10 videos total.

Note: You may hear a shusher or white noise through out the video, these devices are typically used to sooth baby.

You will not receive anything tangible in the mail these are digital files.

Copyright info: All Photos and Videos are Copyright Jessica Arellin Photography and are protected by federal copyright laws. No sharing, selling, screen capturing or splitting cost of product permitted. This is for personal use only. Due to the nature of this product (digital download) there will be no refunds.

This video listing is for one person ONLY if you have multiple photographers that work together you must each purchase one separately. This video is not to be used to teach other photographers it is for personal use only.

If you are currently teaching you may not purchase this video.

Refunds will not be given for slow internet, or not having enough space on your devices. These are large files so please make sure you have the space on your computer. You are not required to download, you can watch over and over on the internet through a link that is provided.

The Facebook group is a privilege not a right and Jessica Arellin has a right to deny or remove anyone without a refund for the video. The group is a bonus to the video. 

Tester Reviews:

Awesome video! Very informative with great visual representation presented by Jessica. Well thought through, thorough, and very attention to detail. All aspects of newborn photography were covered such as showing an in depth workflow, prop shots, wrapping styles, and composite editing. I would buy this video a million times over. You won't find one better!

~Pat Hermann Photography

If you are new to newborn photography or just looking to take your images to the next level you will want to watch Little Dreamers Props newborn posing tutorial. This tutorial covers so much! Flow posing, wrapping, editing composites quickly, and how to achieve the poses in her flow posing using little dreamers posing bags. Going to be making adjustments to my own flow posing after watching this, the transitions are so perfect for getting the most out of the beanbag without moving baby more than needed. Excellent tutorial!

~Sugarfoot Photography

They were really great and very helpful! I am a visual learner so I think these will help people with understanding how to accomplish these poses very well.

~Jessica Callahan Photography

I have purchased several newborn workshops before and most have left me with knowledge but not much hands on. This one left me feeling refreshed and ready to pull in a newborn to practice on. I love how she gave specific instructions on the simple posing like bum up and went into detail with others like the froggy pose. It really helped me to understand why the baby is set-up in specific ways as well as what works best to keep them comfy and safe. I also love all of the support you get by purchasing this tutorial. With the private group you have a place to ask questions, get guidance and work closer with others who want to learn and improve just like you! Hands down recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about posing and definitely recommend purchasing the Little Dreamer Posing Props as well. They are awesome and I love my beanbag I purchased a few years ago, still working great and is super awesome quality

~Dirt Road Photography

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