Studio Square Poser With PVC Pockets

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Studio Square Poser With PVC Pockets
Studio Square Poser With PVC Pockets
Studio Square Poser With PVC Pockets
Studio Square Poser With PVC Pockets

Are you a photographer who lives for those newborn sessions when you get to have those precious little babies in studio and constantly think of new ways to capture their gorgeous little selves without making them uncomfortable? If so, then this listing for a posing bean bag is going to be the perfect addition to your studio! The Newborn Poser measures approximately 38-40 inches in diameter and is 12 inches tall. The bean bag consists of white vinyl fabric with a Velcro closer which is perfect for those newborn shoots as it is waterproof and makes for easy clean up should one of those angels have an accident while shooting.

PVC / Pockets: This square poser is made with pockets to easily attach a PVC backdrop to the poser. This allows for you to easily move you poser from one spot to another without messing with the backdrop. At this time the poser does NOT come with the PVC backdrop. You will need to purchase it separately at a home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe's. There will be instructions included with your package on what to purchase. You will need PVC pipes, elbows and T's. Approximate price for the PVC is $25. Due to our competitors, sizes of the PVC will not be released before your order ships.

A Note Regarding Filling: 
The Bean Bags DO NOT come filled due to the size and shipping cost. Each bag takes approximately 4 -5 bags of the 3.5 cubic feet bags. The fill can be purchased at Wal-Mart (online and shipped to the store nearest you for free).

I use a high quality Velcro closer because it is much more reliable then a zipper, zippers can break easily or get beans(bean bag fill) stuck in the zipper causing it to jam or break.

*VERY IMPORTANT* *Current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks before order ships.

Little dreamers Props is not responsible for packages that are damaged, lost or stolen.

**Although this poser is made from High quality vinyl, it is not immune to harm. To avoid punctures or rips keep poser away from sharp object and chemicals. The Poser is meant to be used solely as a prop for newborns and not to be used as a bed, chair, toy or other device. Never leave baby unattended and always have a spotter while shooting. Bean bag fill could potentially be a choking hazard if swallowed or inhaled, never leave small children unattended and always store in a safe area in your home or studio

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