Sled *More Colors* (pre-order)

Little Dreamer Props

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Sled *More Colors* (pre-order)
Sled *More Colors* (pre-order)
Sled *More Colors* (pre-order)

They measure about 20" L x 10" W x 3" H inches (total). The flat surface itself measures about 10 x 18 inches.

This prop is great for newborns and sitters.

Colors come in:

Red #9

Cream #4

White #3

Brown #1

Pre-order : Our supplier ships out 1-2 weeks after our order so once we meet our minimum order for props we will place an order and then ship as soon as received. We will send an email to you as soon as we place our bulk order and keep you updated with shipping time. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for total shipping time.

No refunds will be given on props please make sure you choose the right color and prop.  

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